Eric Soter Invited to Participate in a Panel Discussion on the Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on the Future of Land Use and Development

     Eric has been invited to join a panel discussion on the impact of autonomous vehicles (ie, self-driving cars) through the Frederick County Building Industry Association. Across the country, real estate professionals are already planning for a time when self-driving vehicles dominate the transportation sector. What does this mean for parking garages and lots? Roadway... Read More

Rodgers Consulting Opens Office in Prince Georges County

To facilitate the execution of projects in Prince Georges County, Rodgers has opened an office in Largo at 1101 Mercantile Lane. Located a block from the Largo Metro, around the corner from the Department of Permitting, Inspections and Enforcement and with the future relocation of other government offices and MNCPPC, the location is highly convenient... Read More