Cannery Village

Milton, Delaware

Cannery Village is a development that redefines the notion of community. Located on the former site of the King Cole Vegetable Canning Plant on the southeast side of Milton, a small town of 1,400 residents, the design reflects the historical aspects of Milton while providing modern amenities. The developers called upon Rodgers Consulting to amend their master plan and assist with entitlements. As a result of this effort, the product mix changed from only 19% single-family detached homes to one that features 52% single-family detached homes. Additional services included negotiations with the town to establish a set of revised design standards to be utilized within the community and establishing a Community Pattern Book and Coding Plans to regulate requirements of the builders; along with coordinating design intent to the site engineers and preparation of detailed Landscape and Urban Design Plans.

The State of Delaware has stated, “This mixed-use project exemplifies Livable Delaware because it blends in with the town, redevelops a blighted and abandoned industrial site, features a mixture of housing styles and offers an array of commercial uses including Dogfish Head Brewery and WBOC studios.”