Fillmore Music Hall

Silver Spring, Maryland

Rodgers Consulting Inc., in concert with Lee Development Group, Montgomery County and the State of Maryland, has helped realize the vision of a major entertainment venue to anchor revitalization on the north side of Colesville Road in downtown Silver Spring. The original historic facade of J.C. Penney’s, a building that has been vacant for almost 20 years, will remain as the Fillmore Music Hall brings arts and entertainment to this specific section of Silver Spring’s revitalization to meld with the ongoing efforts begun by the establishment of the AFI Silver Theater and Discovery communications. Rodgers Consulting had the responsibility for simultaneous preparation and submission of the project plan and preliminary plan of The Fillmore subdivision on a time track second to none. The design and engineering team at Rodgers helped spearhead a radical departure from typical development sequencing in the optional method of development, given that the public use space and amenity will be the first phase of the project; the office, retail and hotel will come in later phases. The Rodgers engineering team led the coordination of the consultant team engaged in the effort. This key role has allowed the Fillmore project to become an envied model for expeditious review and approval in Montgomery County.

The project is planned as a single mixed-use development to be constructed in multiple phases; The Music center and the LDG Office/Hotel complex will be recorded as three separate lots. Dividing the project into three stand-alone buildings reduces the mass of the structure and creates shorter more pleasing building facades. The project solidifies the neighborhood’s reputation as a pedestrian focused arts and entertainment district that will bring residents, workers and hotel visitors together.