Gaithersburg, Maryland

Kentlands was one of the first year-round communities that was designed as a Neo-traditional or New Urbanist community in the United States.

Rodgers Consulting was involved in this award winning community from the beginning, working on site planning, engineering and environmental issues, and participating on the charrette team that included Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk. Rodgers Consulting was also involved with the majority of coordination and plan approval with the City of Gaithersburg, in order to implement the vision of the charrette team. Some of the ground-breaking features of this community include: typology codes, intermixed land uses, modified street designs, roundabouts, modified parking standards, the inclusion of local services in neighborhood design and the use of the 5 minute walk to establish the reasonable limits to neighborhoods.

Rodgers was recognized by the Gaithersburg Planning Awards for exemplary mixed use design on the Impact Performing Arts Center (formerly known as Kentlands general store).