Gaithersburg, Maryland

Lakelands is a 340-acre Traditional Neighborhood that recalls the design principles of small towns built in the early 1900’s with narrow streets and sidewalks that are pedestrian friendly. The plan for the community has been fashioned to allow national builders to operate in a Neo-traditional format. Single family homes, town homes, condominiums and rental properties come in a variety of styles ranging from cozy cottage homes, brick row houses, stately Georgian homes and more. The retail portion of the site includes several restaurants and a small movie theater together with associated shopping opportunities. All of this is clustered around several lakes, public parks, village greens, playgrounds and a market square.

The community includes approximately 100 acres of open space within the Muddy Branch stream valley system. Community amenities include a pool & clubhouse, tennis courts and related facilities. In addition, prominent sites in the community were provided for a place of worship and a middle school.