Watkins Mill Town Center

Gaithersburg, MD

This transit-oriented mixed use community boasts a wide range of unit types from cottages to condominiums, complimented by a walkable Urban Core consisting of higher density office and residential uses as well as a mix of retail and commercial uses and a hotel. Planned with a neo-traditional residential component, the land plan builds on its adjacency to an existing MARC station, future Watkins Mill Road Interchange at I-270 and the long envisioned Corridor Cities Transitway Station. A detailed streetscape and well defined grid system developed via charrette have created a distinct community within the confines of the City of Gaithersburg. Finely tuned Design Guidelines insure the quality of the development as this new town unfolds. Diverse architecture, generous open spaces and public art provide pleasing points of focus for both the pedestrian resident and office dweller. Unique phasing developed in concert with the City will enable the community to mature in a studied fashion, relying on a reasonable provision of infrastructure as needed. The working goal has been to create an environment where one can live, work learn and play. Rodgers Consulting Inc. played the role of lead consultant for interface with the City of Gaithersburg, mounting a charrette, facilitating zoning actions and developing site plans through construction. All final engineering was also in the hands of Rodgers, who were also instrumental in partnering with the Humane Society of the United States to develop and implement a Wildlife Management Plan to minimize impacts to wildlife during the construction process. This unique plan which incorporated a direct hands-on approach through different phases of the development process earned the Wildlife Management team (including Rodgers) a coveted Environmental Award from Gaithersburg’s Mayor and City Council and Environmental Affairs Committee in 2006.