Rodgers’ Germantown Office is Newly Refreshed and Modernized for the Future!

Rodgers’ recently completed a complete overhaul of its Germantown office. Working closely with a team of architects and interior designers, the space reflects an open concept that creates informal and formal meeting and gathering spaces for staff to interact and collaborate, such as the open and glass-lined kitchen café with a large screen TV streaming the Olympics, tour de france and the news as well as private spaces for staff to focus and concentrate on the important work they do while being in immediate proximity and contact with other team members. The large, glass-enclosed conference rooms were designed to facilitate client and team meetings, both physically and remotely through technology resources. The perimeter windows were left open to maximize daylight into the employee’s work space, while the executive offices were placed in the middle.

Next time you’re in the office, ask for a tour – we’re happy to show you around.