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Customized Solutions

We’ve been in business since 1957, and every project we’ve worked on since has been unique. This is why each solution we develop for our clients is tailored to fit one-of-a-kind circumstances.

01. Collaborative

We work with each client to identify and design creative yet practical solutions, tapping into our extensive engineering and regulatory knowledge to drive mutual success. Each project is different, each client is unique, and each solution respects and leverages those differences.

02. Local Expertise

We specialize in town planning, urban design, development entitlements, site engineering, and natural resource management for local developers, builders, institutions, and corporations. Our team is connected to the local market and stays in front of trends that will inform future success.

03. Trusted & Respected

Rodgers is one of the oldest and most respected civil engineering firms in the Washington, D.C. region. Our mission is to provide quality consulting services for clients who recognize the importance of integrity and community responsibility.

04. Technical Expertise

We have earned a reputation for providing superior planning and engineering services for the region’s largest and most complex development projects. We have an unbreakable commitment to excellence in planning and design, never stopping unless we’ve met the highest standards in our industry.

Social Connectivity

Uniquely Knowledgeable

Rodgers Consulting is engaged and active in the local community. Through our involvement with local community groups, we have built the unique and necessary perspectives to inform key design features, decisions, and implementations of projects.

Our team actively volunteers within the community to support causes we care about and to give back to the community that has grown with us.

This social connectivity combined with our technical excellence results in a project team that is uniquely knowledgeable about the geographic and sociographic needs of this region


Driving Value Through Innovation

Responsible, smart growth is the key to sustaining a vibrant and thriving community. Combining our knowledge of land use policies and regulations we can implement creative solutions for a dynamic marketplace. We seek out team members who are naturally curious and creative, then we leverage that creativity to achieve the highest levels of performance for each client. We combine our expert knowledge of land use policies and regulations to implement creative solutions for our dynamic marketplace.

Feasibility Assessment

Every project has a unique niche in the market that must be carefully programmed and planned to meet current needs and for the long term contribution to the community. Rodgers analyzes each site to capture all constraints and opportunities unique to the property.

Regulatory Advisement

Land use policies and regulations must stay ahead of the curve in order to provide capacity and flexibility for anticipated growth so that it is planned well.

End-to-end services

We specialize in formulating and securing development entitlements, town planning, urban design, site engineering, and natural resource management for local developers, builders, institutions, and corporations.

Custom Solutions

We view every project as the embodiment of the unique priorities and shared values of a community. We optimize projects through the lens of shared mutual outcomes and then create, propose and execute strategic contextual solutions.

Enduring Values

A Focus on Physical Form and Function

The basic building blocks that define the identity and priorities of the community.

Existing Character

We believe that understanding and honoring historic, identifiable features of a site enhances local character and is an integral part of the planning process.


Preservation and enhancement of unique environmental features along with promotion of new community green infrastructure promotes a healthy ecosystem and healthy communities.

Mobility Transportation

Integration and enhancement of all modes of mobility promotes social interaction, accessibility to the built and natural environment and facilitates economic opportunity.


Transformation of an area must be carefully measured with regional context, but implemented at human scale in order to positively influence a community.

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