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Rodgers Consulting, Inc. was founded in 1957 by Joseph C. Rodgers, a man of outstanding vision and character, and a man who was dedicated to both his family and community. At Rodgers Consulting, Inc., our mission is to enhance the value of preferred real estate assets for select clients who share our values and recognize the importance of integrity, community engagement, and loyalty.

The keys to the firm’s 60 years of success all come from the basic values and principles that Joe Rodgers exhibited in his lifetime: Integrity above all, respect for others in the industry and the community, commitment to the success of every client, and constantly striving to meet or exceed the highest standards of excellence in planning, surveying and design. Today, Rodgers Consulting continues to follow the example that Joe Rodgers set throughout his lifetime, through its active involvement in the community, constant innovation and investment in education and technology, and the unique culture within the organization that values knowledge, creativity and client service, based on the fundamental principle of integrity above all.

The fact that these values have been consistently applied, refined, memorialized and reinforced throughout the years is what has made Rodgers Consulting what it is today. Over the past six decades, the firm’s consulting expertise has grown, from its initial focus on surveying to civil engineering, land use evaluation, planning and neighborhood design, development entitlements, environmental and natural resource management, and a full range of land-use consulting services. As the firm is now in its fourth generation of ownership, the same values that Joe Rodgers exemplified have been strengthened and passed along to each of the hundreds of employees who have contributed to our success over the last 60 years. The company’s reputation for honesty, professionalism, civic involvement, creativity and value to the client is now firmly established and recognized within the community.

It is these enduring values, more than anything, that have allowed us to consistently attract the best clients, the best projects and the best employees in our industry. This has been the true secret of our success.

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