Banner Life

Urbana, Maryland

The Banner Life Project is a relocation of the Banner Life Corporate headquarters to the Urbana Corporate Center in Urbana, Maryland. The site was chosen for its accessibility to I-270 and proximity to high quality housing in the Villages of Urbana community. The building is developed as a 120,000 square foot two story office building, with two additional phases for future expansion of the building to a total of 140,000 square feet and is expected to be occupied in 2011.

Rodgers Consulting, Inc. is responsible for the site planning and civil design (building and site layout, grading, paving, utility infrastructure, landscape, etc). We were part of the initial RFP team organized to help assist the developer’s team led by Natelli Communities and Akridge to attract Banner Life to the Urbana Corporate Center. Once the site was chosen by Banner Life, Rodgers worked with both the developer and the representatives from Banner Life and their development team, to design a building and site layout that worked for all parties involved. Rodgers then assisted the developer in acquiring fast track status for the project through the Frederick County Office of Economic Development. This action enabled Rodgers to obtain approvals from Frederick County for the Preliminary Plan revision, the Site Plan approval, and the Construction Plans within the accelerated timeline required by Banner Life.

Designed to Banner Life’s specific needs and specifications, the building is constructed with the ability to become two separate and distinct buildings in the future, should such a need should arise. A courtyard, located in the center of the building, designed by Rodgers, is a creatively landscaped outdoor space which provides an eating area off of the indoor cafeteria and numerous opportunities for outdoor assembly. Flexible in nature, the outdoor space incorporates intimate spaces as well as space to accommodate tents for larger gatherings.

The office complex, whose construction is valued at approximately $33 million, has applied for LEED silver certification. Its location, one block from the I-270/MD 80 interchange, places it within walking distance of the MTA Park & Ride lot where bus service is readily available. This unique walkability characteristic brings this suburban office park in line with Smart Growth doctrines.