Century Tech Park

Germantown, MD

Rodgers Consulting Inc. in conjunction with a skilled team of supporting consultants oversaw the approval of the entitlements for Century Technology Park in Germantown. Located off of Century Boulevard in the heart of Germantown’s emerging technology center, not far from Town Center, this redevelopment of a suburban corporate campus into an exciting transit-oriented mixed-use development was unique in several ways. Given the proximity of the Corridor Cities Transitway to the site, Century Boulevard was designed in detail to accommodate the transit infrastructure which may not be realized for another decade. Equally as challenging was the need to incorporate stringent requirements of the State of Maryland’s new Storm Water Management Regulations on to the site.

Century Boulevard at the intersection of Cloverleaf Center Drive is the first step in a multi-phased effort that will, at full build-out,develop a vibrant, efficient mixed use area for this emerging portion of Germantown. The buildings are designed to achieve a LEED Certified Rating Certification with good faith efforts directed to achieve a LEED Silver rating. Design efforts were directed so that the buildings will provide focal elements along I-270 and begin to form a street wall along Century Boulevard with structures such as terraces, steps and walls mitigating the setback from the street, accommodating the grade change and most importantly, welcoming pedestrian access to the site. The design of the site meshes well with the recently adopted Germantown Sector Plan inasmuch as the buildings create signature development visible from I-270, with future taller buildings and stronger street relationships poised to play effectively off this initial phase of development.